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Arrow left This is extremely important , if you wish to participate in a huge, complex roleplay community, please read!Arrow right 

- Liquid-Softs stays just an art collecting group, but The-Liquid-Empire becomes an roleplay group focusing on this critters --> there will be challenges, can obtain ,,Spirit Stones"; regular art does not worth ,,points" however.
- Spirit Stones may be used to add Extinct and Legendary traits to your yet to be made MYO, or to upgrade your existing character with traits and if you want, move ranks. There will be also other things you can purchase, yet to be added after some time.
- Challenges depends on the rank and tribe of your LSs; can enter with multiple characters for multiple tasks. There will be a new set of tasks each month with different difficulties and prizes.

- The new ranks

(!only ones with Extinct traits!)
Look after the temples and the eggs in them, patrol the surrounding areas, practice rituals and help others. Leaders of their tribes.

Warriors (any, mostly Extinct, Impossible and Legendary)
Main helpers of the Oracles, trained to fight: follow strict rules and must protect others.

Collectors (any, mostly Uncommon and Rare)
Gather different supplies, like gems, rare items, herbs, etc.. and trade with other civilians of Erlavon; travel a lot, gather important news.

Commoners (any, mostly Common)
They are the common, everyday Liquid Softs. They may help with the eggs/Softlings and help expanding the territory --> they mine.

Outlanders (any)
Choose to live outside the community, they either travel the world or choose a rider/partner in the cities; they are either friendly or neutral towards the LS tribes.
I suggest to choose this rank, if you prefer to use your LS outside the group's community in your own stories, rps, etc..
Warning: Outlanders most likely won't have challenges thus cannot progress, so choose wisely!
If you choose Outlander, you can change this rank freely!

Rogues/Outcasts (any)
Either choose to abandon their home (rogues) or were exiled (outcasts) from it for breaking important rules , killing, etc.. These LSs are often very dangerous, steal, deceive and even kill. Warriors hunts them...

Once a rank is chosen, it cannot be changed in normal cases! Participate in the monthly challenges to progress your character's story: perhaps they become an Oracle and thus a leader of a brand new tribe.. or they choose the dark path and they pick the life of thieves and bandits? Up to you!

- Tribes! Yes, to make it even more complex and colorful, not only ranks, but tribes are added and sometimes the current story highly depends on the given tribe(s). Each tribe claims a territory which has a Soft Stone mine in the middle. There are four big, starting tribes, most likely new ones will born as the group progresses.
Outcasts forms clans: there will be two bigger clans, and several small gangs for thieves.

Temple Tribe
The biggest tribe, located in the heart of a huge cave, at the middle of a meadow. The cave is filled with chambers, waterfalls, Soft Stones and a mysterious, gigantic old statue standing in the middle. This place is sacred and has the biggest Liquid Soft population.

Pridescale Tribe
A coastal mine with plenty of water and food around - what could be even better? Second biggest territory claimed by Liquid Softs, located right next to the sea. The mine is a huge gap in the earth, the path down is rocky, but the caves are filled with not only Soft Stones but rare, beautiful gems aswell. Well worth the struggles.

Sweetwind Tribe

Right at the top of an awe-inspiring mountain chain, the mine is located at the top of the tallest mountain and the chambers fill up the entire mountain. Beautiful sight with hot spring all around - however, only winged Liquid Softs are capable of living here!

Warrior Tribe
A smaller, but no less important tribe: the Warrior tribe is the only tribe, which does not have other ranks than Warrior. These Liquid Softs are highly trained, fearless fighters who's job is to protect the other tribes if needed. Their special task is to hunt and take down rogues.

Eclipse Clan
The main treat to the peaceful communities: while most rouges roam around lonely or in small packs, a group of outcasts and thieves formed a big community lead by vengeful Liquid Softs. They are always on the move making it impossible to the Warrior Tribe to take them down. This clan is still quite small, members joining and leaving, but they are slowly but surely forming a big threat.

White Lily Clan

Not all rogues are bad - this clan is a shelter for lonely spirits to hide, rest and regain strength. The leader Oracle, who left their tribe in order to help lost souls, believes that every one can change and offers second chance for everyone. This clan is acknowledged by the tribes and left alone unless they make a move against them. They have a fix territory, quite close to Pridescale, right next to a brook.

Other Rogues

No fix clans, just small wandering groups of 3-6 Liquid Softs. They are usually ,,just" thieves, who are not necessarily dangerous, but quite annoying to the tribes.

- Four work in progress tribes: one in a dark forest, one in a snowy area, one in an underwater cavern and one in a desert. These four environments are not made for Liquid Softs so these will require special, buyable mutations to be filled up. I plan to make these unlocked as the group progresses.
- The current clans and tribes will be lead by my own, NPC characters. However, I plan to remove some/make the new tribes' leaders to be member-characters. In order to be a leader of an entire clan, one must be active in the group, joining the events, helping out, etc..

- Magic is added. One can be either gifted with dark or light magic, this is natural (cannot be changed once picked by the owner!), but progressing on being a mage requires activity. Reminder: dark magic does not mean evil nor light does good! It's up to the Liquid Soft, how they will use their natural talent!
- Elements are added as well, but not in the regular meaning; Liquid Softs are not born with Elements, they must learn them. Once an Element is chosen, it cannot be changed!

[ Pixel ] Leaf Green 2 - F2U
 Natural Elements:
Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Earth: The most well known and widely chosen Element. It also has two sub-branches, My Purple Bullet - F2U! Crystal and Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Metal, once the first steps are made being an Earth Elemental, the Liquid Soft can choose between the three.
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Water: Second most popular option; Water also has sub-branches, Blue Bullet Ice and Bullet; Green Poison*
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Nature/plant life/: A quite rare, and hard to learn Element, Nature is well respected if mastered.

[ Pixel ] Leaf Yellow 2 - F2U Neutral Element:
silver bullet Wind: A rather odd Element. While in Sweetwind, it's required, in other tribes it's not respected.

[ Pixel ] Leaf Red 2 - F2U Forbidden Elements:
Bullet; Red Fire: A dangerous, wild Element, results exile right away, is someone decides to choose it. It also has a sub-branch, Bullet; Yellow Electricity, which is also not tolerated.
Bullet; Green Poison*: A sub-branch of Water; though it may not result an exile right away, a Poison Liquid Soft won't be respected by others!

(There are other elements I can think of, like Sound, Lava, Healing and so on, but: Liquid Softs hear via vibrations, therefore they can use Wind as Sound automatically; Lava is a bit off for me (sorry) and Healing.. well technically Earth and Water are the Healing Elements, since these guys are made out of rocks and water.)

There will be ref sheet bases, in order to register your character, you have to draw it in the correct ref, add the necessary datas (tribe/clan, rank, rarity, etc); once the character develops, you can add those infos to the ref.
But... when will all this becomes reality? First of all: I need to see if there's interest. This is all good and nice, but if no one shows interest expect 2-3 people, then there's really no reason for me to struggle. Because I'll need points, a lot. I have to upgrade the group to super, commission someone for ref bases, a new icon, pagedolls, journal skin(s) and so on. This won't be cheap. I set up a donation poll on the groups official database account, LiquidSoft-Database , if you want to donate points, no matter how little or big, please send it there. Once we hit 10,000 points, this becomes reality! Yes, it is a lot, but I believe this can be reached.
You can also help by doing some art. I don't ask anything big, I mostly need little pagedolls of my characters (just no Sailor and Party Cannon please, they need a new ref ^^').
Time is also key. I'm a high school student, struggling from subjects, homework, just the usual. I need and have to pay more attention to real life. So big things most likely will only come at the summer. Until then I collect points and continue designing new critters for you guys. You can plan which rank, tribe you want your character to be added and suggest new things.
Oh, and also new, more detailed specie info sheets are on the way.

Have a great day, thanks for reading!

Fantia ~
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Rules for Liquid Softs:

- Join the group: :iconliquid-softs:!
- Read the specie's info sheet: Basics and Traits
- Liquid Soft is an Open specie! You can create as many as you wish, just please don' use the Extinct and Impossible traits. c:
- However, that LS is yours only! Meaning you cannot sell the one you designed, the only adoptable maker is still me. Trading, gifting or collaboration is Ok.
- If you trade or gift it away, please contact me who's the new owner.
- The species' official masterlist account is LiquidSoft-Database , if your adopted character/MYO didn't show up there yet, contact me, FantiaFantasyStories please!

And last but not least: have fun! ^^

(Beautiful icon made by SilverLoon )








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xBlazeStarx Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey would I be allowed to make one of theses??
FantiaFantasyStories Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Of course, it's an open species after all! Every important info regarding designs is here: <da:thumb id="619502432" format="200H">
(and sorry for the late reply >.<)
furry-dogs Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG the new icon looks amazing ;D;

Also sorry I haven't worked on the backgrounds recently. I have exams and they are making it hard for me to do large projects right now. But I finish them in a week so I will crack down on those backgrounds!!
Yep, Silverloon made a great job! ^-^

It's completely fine, don't worry. c: I understand your struggles very much.
furry-dogs Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad your being so patient about it :'D
SPACE-85 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
wait.. I was think it was a closed species!
No, it's an open species.
SPACE-85 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2017
aw..that's mean that can I draw one or more..?
I highly suggest you to read the Basics and Traits, or at least the traits.
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firefly1332 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
I want to start with Liquid Softs, and have an idea for my first one, but I'm a bit curious:
1. Is there a limit on how long spokes on body, legs and belly can be?
2. As for the holes in body mutation, any number on how many there can be? Or how big they can be?
3. Can their goo be with tiny glowing spots, like star pattent?
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